The basic situation and essentials of holiday promotion


when doing holiday promotions need to focus on four elements, promotional products, promotional table, promotional environment and promotion personnel, only these elements are properly arranged, in order to win the opportunity to develop steadily in the shop. Of course, we should also pay attention to the differences between the north and south, doing promotional activities in the store when the local conditions, the following is a detailed information.

promotion products: dress needs to be fixed, but not necessarily, according to the product for the consumer groups, consumer, consumption value, consumption turnover period, consumption habits to determine the products of consumer groups is relatively simple, with what kind of person can be a popular appetite. What is the main purpose of the use of consumer products, including the meaning of the use of marketing to clear.


promotion: now the promotion table includes not only the products of the heap, counters, etc. regional monopoly, but a comprehensive promotion platform, so the platform from the perspective of regional extension can be very large. When the business enterprise buys the heap or counter, arranged inside the general practice, try to make eye-catching, festive atmosphere, you can use a variety of high technology means to stimulate the attention of consumers, increase the sound, light and electricity packaging, is to attract the best mesa.

promotion environment: intertwined promotion environment manufacturing environment and the overall environment interact with each other, can show environmental effect, we know that good environment can create benefits, to promotion mood scores is of great help, so when in the arrangement or the choice of promotion environment, the humanities environment of choice, and more attention, so how to select the humanistic environment give promotion, need to have more understanding of the festival culture, humanistic care for what kind of what kind of holiday.

promotional staff: in the promotion, personnel arrangements are also very important. One is to regulate the use of standard affinity related etiquette and necessary auxiliary target; two is to construct a system of product promotion rules, pay attention to the construction of regional culture; the three is to promote products and consumers, products and environment, product and service attitude and other organic utilization; four is to find the best service standard for their own tailor-made, reasonable promotional requirements.

how to do promotional activities? I believe that after reading the above introduction, you have a grasp of the problem. In fact, do not want to do a good job of promotional activities, as long as the four elements of the arrangements for the promotion, you can steadily shop business.

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