How to use advertising to increase the style of underwear store


shop decoration is a very good thing, novice entrepreneurs often lack knowledge in this aspect, a random decoration. Some underwear stores are full of advertising, this desire for speed and not reach the way and can not get a good publicity. Underwear store advertising is not much more refined, advertising painting must be refined.

1, if the underwear joined the shop area is allowed to set up a control box, the ratio of length to width of not more than 2.5 times. Within the light form, with stainless steel edge best.

2, brand underwear underwear standard display to counter height in 2.4M, and the general level of underwear joined the shop at 2.8M or above, which will appear above the counter space above 40CM, many franchisees will be asked to do a strip of adhesive on the posters. This is not the most reasonable way to deal with. Notice, small space if the picture is too large, your eyes will be very uncomfortable, besides, gum blister easily, easily rolled up the corner. Therefore, the best way to deal with is: 40CM above the white space to choose the golden yellow, light European style wallpaper paste on the line. Simple and clean, clean and tidy. If you need to put some posters, just buy some European frame installed pressure billboard painting, uniform hanging in the above

can be!

3, some underwear store area is relatively large, which will certainly have some support pillars. Bare pillars will be a bit ugly, as a decoration. For some prominent pillars of underwear joining the store is not easy to put up some adhesive for decoration, this post is a long strip, it is difficult to design a poster size conformity. The most reasonable arrangement is to use the above method can be decorated, if you can, hang some European style freehand or exquisite crafts, the effect is better.

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