Creative mouse pad to achieve the idea of college girls


is the location of the ancient women at home, and now the times are different, women are no longer a rare thing. Compared with men, women’s mind is more delicate, you can find hidden business opportunities, such as mouse pad.

but did not earn money to work with

1999 graduated from the technical school, recommended by Liu Yufen in Shanghai, a Taiwanese do handbag factory. She is in vocational art design major, unexpectedly, finally only as a glue industry no one is willing to do in the factory "". In the hot shop, Liu Yufen covered with glue and dander overalls often close to the body, let her down, but she never complained.

soon, Liu Yufen was recommended to the sales department as a clerk, she is very cherish this opportunity, she read a lot of books, and quickly understand the market sales of handbags.

Looking for business opportunities

2000 one day in April 2013, Liu Yufen to accompany a friend to buy a computer, come back to find each other a little mouse pad. When asked to return to the time, but heard several customers are complaining about the mouse pad rough work, a single pattern. "Why don’t you put in some good looks?"

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