Women entrepreneurs to win 8 million 400 thousand financing


in modern society, some women are great, they successfully embarked on the road of entrepreneurship and wealth, and understand and know their effort to put the prospect of the industry, as is now the beauty industry market prospects.

to financing of women entrepreneurs, the chance is not much. The United States Babson College (Babson  College) a recent survey showed that if a venture capital company has female partners, then the probability of female CEO led by the choice of investment enterprises, is three times more than the pure male dominated business investment. However, the proportion of women in venture capital companies is declining, down from 10% in 1999 to $6%. At the same time, only 2.7% of venture capital investment companies are controlled by women CEO.

if investors are rejected, Wei wire not discouraged, but will require the other party to provide positive feedback, for once again illustrates the opportunities for business plan. A lot of venture capital is the business model." She said, "but many men sitting opposite me, may not know the difference between a liquid foundation and cream." In the face of these men of beauty absolutely ignorant of VCs, turn the focus Wei wire — had 8 million 500 thousand visits per month in her blog on their own success; in addition, she will be introduced in the $454 billion beauty market, her company is aimed at what the market needs. "Your job is to make your ideas sound attractive." Silk road.

before the latest round of financing, Wei wire found a trustworthy e-commerce investor, venture capital firm Forerunner  Ventures; Kirsten Green?. As everyone knows, the company helped set up a number of highly successful companies, such as Warby  Parker and beauty glasses company; company Birchbox, Green also for the Into  the&n recommendation;

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