ntroduction of Alpine Buffet


pizza buffet, to see whether this is a very exciting thing to think about a pizza buffet pizza is an incredible thing. Consumers can see how much like pizza buffet consumption, as an investor choose a pizza buffet to join must be a good choice. Today Xiaobian in this way for you to recommend the alpine pizza buffet.

Alps pizza self-help, on December 22, 2006, in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City International Convention and Exhibition Center, opened the first self-service pizza restaurant, pizza buffet is the pioneer and leader. Exotic western restaurant, simple American country music, fresh selection of ingredients, carefully cooked food, a unique mode of operation, affordable price, high quality service.

how to join the alpine buffet

once launched, which is highly praised by the majority of the people, one after another in Harbin, Daqing, Shenyang, Changchun, Tianjin city opened seven stores, six stores, outlets and a group of students in Shenyang Road, Xintiandi, North Wanda Plaza, now talk about the Olympic dream, Hunnan new world the big stores Donglong, Suihua, Ji’nan, Haicheng and Chengdu, Fuxin, Zhengzhou, etc..

Alps buffet join process:


1, understand the relevant situation to headquarters advisory telephone, fax, put forward to join the application, approval of the record store.

2, signed a letter of intent to join: franchisee to the company headquarters decided to join the Alps, need to sign a letter of intent to join, and to pay the deposit margin of 100 thousand yuan


3, to investigate the local market, select the appropriate values (e.g., pedestrian street, commercial street, large shopping malls or supermarkets, the bustling commercial district, near the campus of the University, teenagers often gathered places) to determine the business site, at headquarters, sent to the scene to apply for review.

4, signed a contract to join the book signing, the application direction of headquarters to pay the relevant fees.

5, the headquarters of the unified decoration: alpine chain decoration style, measuring and drawing layout, renderings and construction drawings, assist to actively join the organization to complete the decoration engineering.

6, headquarters to assist in the preparation of training: before operation, professional and technical training, to provide free staff training manual "," Alpine "hotel management manual" and staff training, to ensure that the store opened on schedule.

7, opened: after a period of trial operation, carry out publicity and promotion "in the headquarters under the guidance of

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