Community retail operators need to keep pace with the times


since the choice of shop, people naturally want to be able to open a good shop. However, the success of the store business, in fact, is the need to master a certain operating skills. From the beginning of the last century, the beginning of 90s in the community to open retail stores. The original retail store is very small, only a dozen square meters, counters, shelves, there is no empty place. At that time, the shop is small, but the benefits are not bad.

2000 years later, many large supermarkets, large shopping malls have sprung up, to our retail store has brought no small impact. The store of goods, a superb collection of beautiful things open shelves and self-service shopping way to attract a large number of community residents, retail business is not previously so prosperous. In this case, I realized that if the store does not change, do not change the business ideas, store road will become narrower and narrower.

learned the advantages of optional open sales form, I immediately to the retail store for the expansion, and the previous glass counter into the open shelves, ensure all kinds of goods from the category to the brand to the production date of customer can at a glance. At that time, in this form of sale, the community of retail stores on my family.

due to the selection of goods is visual and convenient to store soon won a high popularity, every day to the shopping district residents in a continuous line. Of course, this form is not suitable for all community retail stores, there are many community retail stores because of objective conditions, to display optional shelves, so also want to together popularity, wealth accumulation.

now every evening, square and other public leisure places near the practice booth is very popular. In another community to open a shop after a friend noticed this, they placed a shop in front of the play Cara OK audio equipment for residents to go out for a walk after dinner free bright throat. Sometimes, he also put a table for community residents to play cards. I think it’s a good idea. As a result, not only gathered popularity, but also to promote the sale of goods in the store.

although the big supermarket is indeed has a lot of advantages, but this does not mean that there is no room to live in retail stores. If you can master a certain business skills, business methods properly, in fact, the community also has a very large retail operating space. Of course, if you want to operate a successful retail community, but also need to keep up with the times oh.

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