A potted landscape managed wealth career achievements


when it comes to trust, people are very familiar with, a lot of people are still a variety of custodian of the proceeds. However, this generally refers to the infant is managed, or is the only popular pet managed by this paper, small paper is managed by potted flowers and trees.

‘s resources are everywhere, but fortune favors those who are intelligent, observant, and observant. If you want to drop the pie in the sky, then no matter how good the resources in his eyes are like transparent air.

have you ever heard of child care, pet custody, but presumably most people are not heard it managed the potted flowers and trees. In fact, as people love pets, a lot of people for the love and care of bonsai trees and flowers as much as other things. But many businesses do not pay attention to this, in vain to miss such a good opportunity to make money.

Liu aunt is a retired teacher, weekdays at home to enjoy gardening. Friends usually travel will take something with their own pot to her, in the course of time she has its own set of potted landscape conservation of the road. For example, some of the plants sent to winter, such as jasmine must be careful care, pay attention to indoor temperature changes. For some other pests by pot is to analyze the cause, then an antidote against the disease.

With more and more

were sent by friends, Ms. Liu found actually a potted flowers and trees hosting it, its market will be great. Then, she was first in his own yard built a glass house, also prepared a large power electric heater, used for cloudy rain. So, she began hosting business miniascape.

initially know the potted flowers and trees are not particularly managed, or some of their friends basically. But gradually, with friends a pass ten, ten pass 100 introduction, more and more people know there is such a out of the ordinary hosting. A lot of people will go out to their own pot to Aunt Liu’s glass warm room, let her care. Although sometimes take care of many plants, but this is the love of retirement Liu aunt do things, can also earn money, it is the best of both worlds.

Aunt Liu clever use of their own resources around the achievements of their sunset career.

programs, by the "potential" to make money

1. use the analogy method. That trust, many people may think of just ordinary child care, animal managed scope, but Liao aunt has opened this potted flowers and trees hosting. Liu aunt cleverly put their own interests with the shop to make money together, will be able to fully mobilize their resources around, the result is happy and money

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