Business can not let the customer’s enthusiasm disappear


customers once the enthusiasm of consumption is no longer exist, how to operate such a business? How to sell the goods? One weekend a friend ran prompted by a sudden impulse, pull shopping. My friend wanted to go and see the clothes, so we squeezed into a small shop by the side of the road. I was a phase of a coat, take up to ask where is the fitting room. One side of the boss is not happy to say: "this is the lowest price of 460, want to buy to try. If you try, don’t try!" One word of my good mood all destroyed, I took a friend left.

turned into an intersection, we went to a women’s clothing store. As soon as we want to try the clothes, the boss will help us to get it. But I tried two or three things that were not so good, so I told my boss to look around. The boss suddenly changed face, silent to hang up the clothes, we had embarrassed and walked out of the shop. Not far away, I suddenly thought of just bought milk tea in the store, and then quickly go back to find. The boss doesn’t want to conceal her impatience: "I didn’t think anyone should throw!" As a matter of fact, the boss made room for me.

met two "best" boss, our good mood was almost exhausted. I don’t think I’ll come here again in a short time, at least not to the two stores.

is popular in today’s e-commerce, the store was robbed of most of the country, even if the basic services are doing well, the shop tomorrow and where?

in the case of the former, do not buy do not let the trial is to persuade customers to shop. There will be no price advantage, there is fierce competition between each other, even if the test is not allowed to try, is tantamount to the customer shut. Moreover, many of the requirements are in the "trial" in the process, which also explains why there are so many supermarket promoters enthusiastically invited customers to try.

the latter, so that customers happy to enter the door, embarrassed to leave, their customers are not comfortable, is tantamount to giving up a potential repeat customers, shop sales and help? Moreover, the two stores have ignored the most important point – word of mouth, one of the most economical and effective forms of advertising. If I am a shopping trip with friends is happy, then we will likely recommend this shop to relatives and friends; instead, we want to put this unpleasant experience of the consumer are not forgotten, let alone recommended.

in addition, in my opinion, the quality of service is the key to grasp a good degree, to do not let customers feel too warm, and do not let them feel left out in the cold. From the point of view of customers, if a store service personnel from a door to their footsteps, look at each piece of merchandise are recommended in, will only make people feel tired.

on the contrary, if the customer sees a particular item

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