Dry cargo taught you accurate customer mining


is my technical background, just started playing HTML, PHP, behind the feeling every day to the dense code, uncomfortable, do not want to become a code switch, decisive. In order to be able to network marketing on this road, I spent a lot of thought, spent a lot of money, a lot of dead brain cells, but I enjoy it, and the more I feel interesting. Yesterday, share "life three insights" in the pen, promised to write a dry cargo, tonight to tell you, I came to deliver now.


fans get accurate way, play is the direct purchase of nouveau riche, don’t tell me not to sell, a treasure have to sell, sell individual courier brother.

if you don’t think of the nouveau riche, grass root play! As for how to play? Where to find the target user? Please look down.

what geographical location and nearby people, software random friends, drift bottles, shake these methods are used to make a rotten, I do not deny that this is a method.

as long as the number of fans can not do the quality can be done, but want high-quality fans, these methods have much effect, you know. Today, I would like to share another approach, some people may have been aware of the (very few articles on the Internet mentioned, do not rule out the use of muffled voice). But do not hinder me to share it, this method is very few people know that the use of fewer people, but the quality and effectiveness of absolute good.


above is preheated, the following is the operation points of the real thing, as long as you read and executed must be harvested.

1, find out what you are doing, if you are selling millet phone, millet phone inside the space to go, if you are selling clothes, to the beautiful space inside. This is just an analogy, in short, no matter what industry you are engaged in, find the industry’s big bull, visit their space on the line, this is the first step. This is not difficult to find



2, general Daniel’s space will be open, and there are fans, you have to do is look at their log, message, talk about. Just look from A to Z every post, every talk, each message. Have a blog comments below, you need to do is to review these people become friends with their friends, this is called from another pond for fish, you dare to get



3, some problems need to be set right to add, to meet this part of the user directly to give up! Don’t waste time input all kinds of wrong answers



, however, it will be difficult to do, when you add a certain amount of friends, [Teng]TX[news] will let you enter the verification code, and then continue to begin to limit the


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