Brand Chongqing rice cake Hot pot Thai style


When it comes to food and drink,

is a topic that can never be avoided. China’s food and beverage market has brought together from all over the world food, a variety of characteristics of China’s food and beverage industry. In these exotic delicacy especially in Korean cuisine, with distinct characteristics of the out of the ordinary taste, more and more popular with young consumers, the rise of Thai style rice cake Hot pot, is attracting a congregation of chowhound eyes.

is derived from the Korean rice cake Hot pot has a traditional delicacy, out of the ordinary characteristics and traditional Chinese Hot pot. Hot pot rice cake popular in South Korea today, Thai style high streets and back lanes, the delicious rice cake Hot pot into Chinese, with hundreds of millions of Chinese diners share from his country of exotic flavor delicacy.

Chongqing Thai style rice cake Hot pot brand

is a well-known food and beverage companies, Thai style rice cake shop Hot pot selected high quality ingredients, soup is the secret sauce after the special craft carefully brewed, collocation of more than 10 kinds of natural seasonings, creating a pure taste. It is worth mentioning that Hand-Pulled Noodle all imported Hot pot in Korean spicy noodles, chewy and smooth without preservatives, will carry out in the end the concept of healthy delicacy.

good intentions have always been a delicacy Thai brand concept, only good products in order to gain a foothold in the fierce catering market, once out of the market track, its development prospects would be in a difficult situation. Under this concept, the Thai style rice cake Hot pot once on the line, is the headquarters of Beijing will vigorously support the heart into the Restaurant Management Co., giving investors a great project profit space, personalized, flexible way to join the store custom policy, really let investors enjoy the advantages of a mature project the.

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