Blue is responsible for the customer is responsible for their own career


The success of the

business, money is not a big problem, choose the project, dare to do is the first step to success. 12 years ago, Jilin Changchun bare-handed to borrow money to make the world, after 12 years have tens of millions of yuan assets, her name sounds reminiscent of the beautiful sky – blue. Initial opening.

1992, blue graduated from Qigihar normal college, when she came to Changchun internship, Changchun beauty salon business attracted her interest.

1994, the first batch of blue to recover the investment, and opened a large store; in 1997, she again expansion; by 2002, she founded the Jilin blue industrial limited company, since the chairman and general manager, Changchun company is located in the city of gold district, covers an area of more than 2 thousand square meters. Business scope. After market research and careful consideration, blue decided to do a new project. However, luck is not very good, the new project opened soon catch up with SARS, just a few months, lost about 2000000 yuan.

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