How to successfully operate clothing stores


franchise stores have a variety of ways to operate different shops, the skills required to adopt different ways. If you want to do business in the clothing industry, then you need to learn a lot of knowledge to create wealth, to join the business, let’s take a look!

shop cost accounting is divided into two parts, one is directly used in customer service accounting, the two is directly in the clothing store sales to customers of the material accounting. The former can be directly accounted for the cost of service projects, the cost of the general calculation of the percentage of M%. The latter price is used formula: price = purchase price /1- addition rate. Advertising: advertising sales principle according to their ability to do, mainly include brochures, posters, advertising signs, advertisements, newspapers, radio and television, the key to set up the brand in the public, let more people know your clothing store location.

clothing stores in order to improve visibility, often in the clothing store entrance or outside the public square to do some promotional activities. The main contents include the past to the customer free of charge to explain the knowledge of clothing stores, clothing stores to the guests to push information, demonstration demonstration on the spot, and the issuance of preferential service card. Pricing principles: pricing principles mainly consider the following factors, consumer factors, project price affordability factors, service cost factors, cost factors, factors of national policies, the clothing stores because of factors such as.

clothing stores are popular in the market, the development of this industry is hot, but also requires careful management to get a good profit, more business it can be used as a reference, combined with their own actual shops can find out his own way, hope you can successfully create wealth.

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