What are the customer psychology


want to sell products to customers, but even the customer in the end what kind of psychology is not high definition, but also to talk about the right way to do business, access to customer recognition? In fact, doing business is a process of love, so that users find you, understand you, fall in love with you. Some people say that this is obviously thoughtless, actually perform up to more complex.

and the key point in this process is the user, as long as the psychological and user related, then it will affect their purchase decisions. As a seller of you, you should understand what consumers think inside.

first point: face psychology

people have a saying: face to others is to give their own face. In the Taobao store or or independent website or your face where is the overall layout, the overall style of your shop, is not able to tell you the whole image of the collocation (high rise), content (designer), service (< communication etiquette), these are for you the face, so you have to do the first to analyze the consumer form, can do to deal with communication etiquette. According to the observation of daily sales, customers buy a product will have the following roles.

1, the initiator advocate: product purchase, his face is what I recommend, is certainly good, how can cause others to recommend your products, this is a case.

2, is the decision maker, male or female? Or parents or their own family, these are all in the consultation process can be found, both men and women face their parents face need to take into account.

3, who is often an influence:, often complain that people try to influence them to a minimum, companies take the initiative to influence him.

4, users: for all kinds of doubts, do not understand the fine items, people who ask questions.

5, followers: is to see others bought, they will buy will use, but also said that a good person. Because people across Ziyou seriously, facework do commodities are also sold half.

second: herd mentality

Chinese love lively, how to foil online in the atmosphere, is by the digital description, so as to reach the purpose of conformity. For example, Taobao mall why every shop should do burst, is to arouse the herd mentality.

third: Authority psychology

what is authority? Country name, certification, foreign authorization >

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