Return to entrepreneurship students readme entrepreneurial process


over the past few years, the number of students returning to business in the state of growth, it can be said to be a popular. But most students entrepreneurs are clear and quite a lot of industry accumulation, such as following the student entrepreneurs is completely from 0 to 1 entrepreneurs is still relatively rare, to see how he readme of entrepreneurial experience.

in Russia and abroad life for 10 years, 2011 to return home. At that time in the eyes of entrepreneurs is quite a different thing, the family does not support their own hands have no savings, but still insist on a stand. As an entrepreneur, I always think of how to study, to find suitable business opportunities for me. This does not work, then the next, on the road did not want to give up.

in the science and Technology Bureau of Shenyang City Heping District Peace technology incubators and other departments to help, in July last year, I and several friends founded the Shenyang coffee Indus Valley venture. The Indus Valley to entrepreneurship and investment as the theme, to provide the bag office environment and related services for entrepreneurs. Here, just need a cup of coffee about 20 yuan, you can enjoy free open office space for a day, wireless networks, fax machines, printers, projectors and other office equipment. Later, we in Sanhao to discount the price to rent a new office space. In March this year, the Indus Valley upgrade to version 2. The new upgraded Indus Valley office area will be expanded to 500 square meters, the convenience of the collective team settled.

opened last year so far, we have helped more than 30 entrepreneurs. There are 8 companies on the line, the team has more than 10 fusion, but also to help a project to get a $3 million investment.

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