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with the development of society, people’s increasingly fast pace of life, causing a lot of people see love pets because pets at home is defecate irascible, but also suffer from a lack of time to train them. So the birth of a new industry, such as pet training!

you can hold a training class in your home, the training could be in the form of "one to one" or the team, or if your home is not suitable, you can go to your customer’s home, "one to one" training. You can also negotiate with the school and community activities center, and organize dog obedience classes at weekends and evenings.

Many of the current

are you trying to convince others to believe in you is the right person to train their dogs, professional certificates can not only be used as a powerful marketing tool, but also have the appropriate professional certificate also means you can charge a fee for your services.

the current indoor dog training fees between 30 to 50 dollars per hour, and many trainers provide dog training service packages for their customers, including a series of training courses and the form of text and video in the form of class material.


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