2012 most popular venture project big secret


every year there are new entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial ideas, 2012 what is the hottest industry, what is the best idea, there are a few of us together to look at it!

photo sharing;

has entrepreneurial companies: foreign Piictu, Pinterest, Instagram, Sincerely and Pictour.us in China: the United States show repair, push map, we reported that Tech2PO; Instagram has matured, downloads on-line 10 weeks to reach 1 million. China, Meitu Xiu Xiu has occupied most of the market. Furthermore, photo sharing is not closed, if you still want to share photos in the game field community, need to face many competitors.

has entrepreneurial companies: foreign Goodsie, Magento.go, Storenvy, and even Yahoo eCommerce; domestic: beauty that mushroom cloud; e-commerce sites definitely need continuous improvement, you must face the object is YAHOO, Taobao such industry giants, the market scale, payment function and optimization of search engine optimization will let users willing to pay $40 a month.

to find someone to do the service;

mobile payment;

has startups: Square, Intuit, Google foreign Wallet Starbucks, Mobile Card, Giftly; domestic: quick money, Alipay; each technology industry have put into the field of payment, the startup Square has to seize the initiative, the current valuation of the company amounted to $1 billion. The domestic market has been Alipay, fast money and other three party payment by occupation.

: education and training

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