College students need to do what to do business


wave of continuous wave of entrepreneurship continued, not only spread out just out of the campus of college graduates, but also let many students in the heart, have used their spare time to start a career.

from national to local, are constantly increasing innovation, entrepreneurship support, the "double" work in the country carried out like a raging fire. This wave also swept across the university campus, school and college graduates have joined the entrepreneurial army.

Spring breeze blowing frequently

to support students’ entrepreneurship, I introduced a series of policies and regulations. According to various departments jointly issued "on encouraging technical personnel and students in a number of policy" Zheng Chuangxin entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship students to use complex financial funds in a start-up enterprise, within 3 years, to provide a certain area free workplace and housing apartment. At the same time, the implementation of College Students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship Program ("young plan), through the selection and review of college students innovation and entrepreneurship projects to give 50 thousand ~20 million yuan of funds to support. Settled in innovation and entrepreneurship complex, registered for 1 years and run well founded college students, giving a bonus of $20 thousand.

high entrepreneurial enthusiasm

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