Chicken ten brands list


as a condiment market, chicken is now entered into thousands of households, has become a lot of people a kitchen supplies. However, because of the huge demand of the market, so that the chicken market also has a lot of brands. So, let Xiaobian to introduce the chicken ten brands list, so that you can make a correct choice of consumers.

chicken ten brands list NO.1, totole:


glory in Shanghai in January 1989 was completed and put into production in 1996 will be the original factory totole chicken, the brand was renamed "Taitaile", has won the Shanghai quality award, the top 100 enterprises in Shanghai fiftieth, A Well-Known Trademark in China, China seasoning quality top ten manufacturing enterprises honor.

chicken ten brands list:

NO.2, ice

Heilongjiang Fu food limited company of group of enterprises has become the focus of national agricultural industrialization leading company, credit rating of AAA; the company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, and obtain the product export rights; group was awarded the contract and trustworthy enterprise in Heilongjiang province; "ice" series of products won the national green product logo "ice" brand monosodium glutamate, won the 2003 Chinese famous products fair gold medal and the title of brand-name products in Heilongjiang province.

chicken ten brands list NO.3, baiweijia:

Dongguan baiweijia Food Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1994, by the Hongkong baiweijia Food Trade Co. Ltd. is a waste of money to build, specialization, scale of production and sales of various types of flavoring food enterprises. A series of products that "brand has been recognized, more and more consumers love and trust, and China Social Survey Institute named" Chinese brand "," China food festival the most popular consumer products "," Sixth China International Food Fair Gold Medal "and" Guangdong famous brand "and many other awards.

chicken ten brands list:

NO.4, Shi Yunsheng

Shi Yunsheng (Swanson) is the world’s leading manufacturer of soup Campbell Soup Company (Campbell Soup Company) under the banner of the famous brand of chicken soup, ten brands, the world famous soup manufacturer Campbell Soup Company’s famous soup soup brand, market leading brand, one of the most assured consumers favorite condiment brand, the United States the leading producers of canned soup.

chicken ten brands list NO.5, golden palace:

Sichuan golden palace Sichuan flavor industry Co., Ltd. is a collection

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