Two tips for store operations during the off season


shop encountered off-season is not unusual, the key is how to spend these shopkeepers off-season time, even also can create profits for shops in the off-season, which naturally also need the owners can master more skills. So, Xiao Bian will come to you when the secret off-season sales of two small business skills, so that more stores do not slack season.

woven baskets give customers

autumn is coming, my supermarket will have a low season. I keep a man in the shop, do not know what to do? I walked up and down, thinking, but do not know oneself should decide on what path to follow?

a person is really bored ah Shou shop! At this moment, I suddenly came up with an idea, the supermarket has a lot of abandoned packaging tape, the tape is a pity to throw away, so I intend to make up what. I had learned to weave baskets with my father, so I kept my shop while I was making baskets.

packaging with white and purple, and grey, I put these color complex packing belt woven together, suddenly a beautiful little basket just ran in front. It takes me half an hour to knit, so one day in the shop, I can knit four or five. I put these baskets as gifts in the supermarket. Whenever a customer purchases more than fifty yuan, I will give her a.

there is a customer like this little basket, so I intend to buy, see her so like, I just gave her. She was very happy, even though she didn’t buy anything, but then she became my old customer. Weaving a small basket, so that my store time is no longer boring and boring.

newspaper rack can also attract customers

because I like reading newspapers, so I put the newspaper stand in the supermarket door. Not only to see their own convenience, more importantly, customers can easily browse. As we near the supermarket more elderly, they do not have the local newspaper, so I just put my own newspaper stand moved to the supermarket, so they read is convenient.

since I put the newspaper stand in front of the supermarket, every day to see the bag here many people, and those newspapers often can not be separated. So, I put all the old magazines and newspapers all moved out, in the face of so many newspapers, they seem to see the food in general, happy to see.

however, to my surprise, since the newspaper stand, our supermarket has become more and more popular. Some customers said: "every time you see those people at the supermarket door, I can not help but go to your home." After listening to the customer, I am very pleased. I just want to

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