Another example of Li Xiang’s personal role model


      recent rumors focus to $20 million acquisition of Li Xiang denied.

      $20 million, should be recognized, if a person not Li Xiang, should be a price not low temptation.

      because the name of the Zhongguancun online, to name the CNET, the price is $15 million 600 thousand. 20 million U.S. dollars, the price has exceeded the first camp in line with IT in Zhongguancun online.
      the circle of people are aware that many people want to buy, innumerable.

      whether you want to merge with the bubble net, or want to use bubble network model to expand, or want to integrate the resources of investors.

      another person will certainly want to sell the bubble to do a good car home, not so bitter. Vertical portal has much suffering, do people know, Li Xiang do a IT vertical portal, but also to do a car vertical portal, it is bitter and bitter.

      moreover, Li Xiang’s car home, traffic has been ranked first in the automotive portal, hot prospects.

      a little weak willed, shaken.

      but we’re not Li Xiang. Even if 90% of the people will be tempted, will be shaken, but Li Xiang did not.
      I think there is an undeniable fact, even, car home, income halved to and car home valuation certainly not half, because Li Xiang himself is solid, insist, and in young people’s appeal, for investors also, very valuable.

      as a personal webmaster to grow up entrepreneurs, Li Xiang very determined.

      bubble net, ranking China’s top three (slightly controversial) IT portal, formerly known as Li Xiang’s personal website – graphics home. How many personal websites went down, or sold, still, but also beautiful to make the car home, catch up from behind.
      can do big business, encourage them, insist on half do not sell, but continue to do, and reject all kinds of temptations, often not rich, but ideal.


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