How to open a small jewelry store


do not know if you have noticed, now small jewelry stores is still very profitable, many people love to join the small jewelry shop, more or less will buy some accessories. So, how should we open a small jewelry store? Let’s take a look.



small jewelry stores location can be more flexible, night market stalls, large living area, high traffic streets, large supermarket nearby and internal counter, must be the place where many people have the possibility of quick turnover. Of course, the site must grasp the principle is: 1 competition with the industry must be beneficial to oneself (such as price advantage); within the scope of the crowd within the scope of the 2 shopping, consumer characteristics must be consistent with the characteristics of goods sold. Only the location, the crowd, the perfect combination of the three goods, in order to bring huge revenue to $10 store. Some stores can sell more than and 300 goods a day, while others can only sell for more than and 50, a huge contrast, enough to allow the operator to calm down to reflect a lot of problems.


four, goods display

promotionThe promotion plan

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