Why college students nternet venture will fail


from the beginning of 2014, students choose the Internet as more and more entrepreneurial positions, arguably the Internet now so rapid development momentum, the students choose the field of entrepreneurship is completely correct, but why there are many student entrepreneurs in a year after the test to fail? Below, we take a look at the case from the case of college students why the Internet will fail.

"next month to talk about business, anyway, this has been, is not what good talk." Li graduated a year ago after Internet entrepreneurs to join the tide of some mentally and physically exhausted. A year ago the entrepreneurial passion only stay in the diary, vowed venture he shut himself vanish like soap bubbles, do not want to go out at home, or even see entrepreneurs will have the same experience with their own "schadenfreude".

start-ups did not make it easier for

The first few months of the

, he focus on the product development. But until last November, Li’s team made a stable version of the product, the product is limited to use, UI basically no optimization. At that time, the secret has occupied the public opinion, the number of users is also rising.

"see the Internet project is apt to get tens of millions of financing, it is easy to think of entrepreneurship, they actually do it.

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