Xiamen to achieve the country’s first full digital campus Football League


although our national football has not improved for so many years, but there are still many people who love football, in life there are a lot of friendly competition in full swing. Yesterday afternoon, the Lake District in 2016 primary and secondary school students in the school football championship tournament. From Lake District 34 schools of the 62 teams, will be in a month and a half of the game, the primary, junior high school and high school in the three groups of the game, Xiamen, we understand the specific details of the.


yesterday’s opener in CAI Tang School and lake high school, starting just 5 seconds, the lake Experimental Middle School No. 10 Huang Dingliang midfield lob turn from a guest into a host, a beautiful home, knocked on the door, creating a Lake District Campus football fastest goal record. But Cai Tong school boys did not because of the lightning ball and panic, they eventually more than 3 to 1 to achieve reversal.

last May, Huli District Education Bureau issued a youth campus football three years action plan, held at the level of the campus Football League every year, aimed at expanding youth football population. The game is not only about the size of the previous highest match, the teams and the students and the number of matches are far more than the previous, it is worth mentioning that this event is the first full realization of the digital campus football league.

technology in the unceasing development, in terms of football technology has gradually improved, although there is still a big gap with other countries, but the sunshine after the rain, I believe the strength of our country football will get more and more show. This competition by the Lake District Education Bureau and the Lake District Tourism Bureau organized sports publication, Huli District Football Association hosted, Huli district children’s amateur sports school, Xiamen City Jianxiong youth sports club and LIAN century Football Club Co, data acquisition and technical support of Xiamen local high-tech enterprises of science and technology with Jane very race. This set of digital football tournament management system developed by Jane pole technology, and has applied for more than 80 global patent technology.

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