How to do a good job to open a cosmetics shop location


cosmetics store location to be careful, the location of this step wrong, behind the business will be very troublesome. So the location for the cosmetics franchise business is very important, a good location, to gather more popular, so as to enhance the store’s popularity and profits, so how do the shop location?

A), the mature popular area near the residential area or community basically have to open stores in these areas the level of consumption is stable, easy to cultivate loyal customers.

two), the new development zone or new communities in the newly developed community or Economic Development Zone Business District, as long as the retail vacancy rate is about 50% or less than 50%, then the price is right, commercial atmosphere formation time is short, is the best entry.

three), convenient transportation and relatively large flow of people choose to block the crowds of places, such as Shanghai Nanjing Beijing Road, Wangfujing, convenient transportation business hubs around the shop, traffic, for publicity, sales of high.

four), the local business activities more frequently, mature business district commercial facilities relatively densely in the local famous or larger flow of people shopping plaza department store, such as: Xin’an square, Jinhui Plaza, Carrefour and so on, can play the advantages of interaction, these values can bring tourists to us, play advantage complementary role.

five), similar shops clustered neighborhoods, or cosmetics beauty salons agglomeration district "order three" is a lot of people often take the way of shopping, choose similar shops concentrated blocks, easier to attract more target consumer groups, don’t worry about competition, related shops gathered helps improve the same target consumer attention. Such as cloth industry, flower market, market or shopping malls, shops are operating very well. It should be noted that the choice of these places to shop, to investigate the size of these places, the influence of the local factors, such as the size of the smaller, shorter opening hours, poor management level, to be cautious settled.

six), School of business district in the choice of shops near the location of the note next to the school students from school or in the only way which must be passed on, it can be as much as possible to attract more students to patronize. Here the main consumer group book teachers, parents and students, bdbl price relatively close to their consumption demand and economic capacity.

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