Hefei multi news 9 district restriction policy has been drafted


with the soaring house prices, already beyond the reasonable range. Faced with such a situation, the region actively take relevant policies to control. So, the Hefei news 9 district policy has been drafted to complete the purchase is true or false?

5 26 am, multi news Hefei District purchase policy has been drafted in order to record the time shall prevail, such as approved by the credit limit, or followed by the following 9.

in May 26th 1 pm, Hefei University Real Estate Research Institute deputy director also said in Sina micro-blog, "the Hefei property market is expected to enter the March 31, 2011 to August 1, 2014 period, including the nine city."

prices, look if the government does not control, will have boundless growth, destroy the normal operation of market economy, so take regulatory measures is very necessary. Hefei on the price policy, we wait and see!

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