Community store management to do what work


due to the large demand of the community, coupled with the lack of peripheral services, therefore, to open a community store has become a lot of people’s choice. However, if you want to run a community store, it is necessary to do more work. So, the community store management to do what work? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.


community store environmental hygiene requirements are strict, good shopping environment, is composed of many aspects, including the community store field of health, community store scene lighting, temperature, background music, atmosphere design, line layout register table layout, boot number etc..


commodity display is the most important content in the operation of the chain store, the neat, plump, beautiful, attractive display has been the goal of the community store. Community stores on the main commodities, seasonal goods and activities should focus on the display of goods.


The phenomenon of

commodity shortage is the biggest "enemy" in the operation of the store, the shelf does not appear empty shelves, to ensure the full display of goods is the fundamental guarantee to do a good job selling. What is the impact of a shortage of community stores for customers? Not only is the customer shopping failed, may also make the community store lost a fixed number of consumers, at the same time bring the effect of the negative word of mouth. Therefore, community stores great emphasis on "science" two words in the commodity order management, requirements must be combined with field data, considering the transit time of goods, to ensure the goods are out of stock, but also to ensure the community store reasonable inventory.


is a combination of commodity science normal work for community stores, community store should analyze and optimize regularly and irregularly, according to the characteristics of the values and consumer shopping habits, constant adjustment, promote sales rate, increase the rate of marketable moving goods, meet the needs of the target group. Finally improve the community store sales performance; secondly, the community store layout should be adjusted in time according to the requirement of seasonal change, change, change of consumption, shopping festival etc..


community stores as a lot of brand formats, its marketing positioning is different from other formats, more emphasis on communication with consumers, the use of promotional means to establish a good brand image. Promotion is an important factor in the marketing mix, and its essence is the communication between the seller and the buyer. Carry out different marketing strategies for different community stores target consumer groups and other formats: on the one hand, special offer product choice, pay attention to the differences and selection of varieties of special offer price, the implementation of independent special offer price.

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