Starbucks staking began attacking community


today, the business center is no longer the only direction of expansion of Starbucks, the community is its new oasis. From the business itself, the facade of the community rent cheaper than the city center rent, easier to build a low investment, stable return business model.

If you are in New York

the same situation has been replicated in Beijing, in the trend of landmarks in Sanlitun, within 500 meters by two completely different atmosphere of Starbucks. Located in an office building floor, people are busy talking about all kinds of business; one away, Sanlitun Starbucks store, and Master on fashion trendsetter lazy soft leather sofa, drink a cup of Iced Latte, chatting aimlessly.

shop community circle

2013 fiscal year (October 2012 to September 2013), Starbucks’s revenue reached $14 billion 207 million, of which the Asia Pacific region and Chinese net revenues of $917 million, an increase of 27.1%, a net increase of 206 in Chinese stores and 111 stores. Expand the store especially "gate shop", Starbucks has been a killer in china. The past two years, Starbucks in the first tier cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places, have launched a large flagship store.

This is a new opportunity for Starbucks

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