ntegrity management can be recognized


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shop management, the owner will have a different understanding, in fact, in such a competitive society, we only truly achieve the "integrity" business development, will promote the business of the shop to get better. A lot of business people often put the integrity of the mouth, but sometimes not careful, "integrity" will go. I think that the only truly "honesty" carefully, in order to win the customer’s heart".

a few days ago, an old lady came to the store, said 10 yuan of snacks, pro exit, said: my old man high blood sugar, can not eat sweet. The last neighbor gave me such a snack, I tasted sweet, want to buy to satisfy the old man. I ran a few do not buy, you buy here." "Ah!" I was shocked, this kind of pastry belongs to low sugar snacks, although not taste sweet, but it is indeed contain sugar, high blood sugar people need to be careful to eat. If I pretended not to know, the old man would buy……

at this time, I recall one thing: once, I went to the market to buy a backpack, a small backpack fabric and chic style attracted me. I am very interested in the boss, quickly said that the package is made of camel skin…… After greeting the price, I decided to buy it. But when I opened the backpack zipper, found on the zipper with a few overlapping labels are hidden into the inner bag, open a look, it was written on top of the fabric: leather"…… My gas is not one to play, put the bag left behind in anger.

I called out to buy snacks for the elderly, and advised her to return a snack. The old man said: "fortunately, you remind me, if I really gave the old man to eat, the consequences can be unbearable to contemplate." The old man zhikua I good, also said that after calling around her old man come to me to buy things, because to me to buy things, rest assured!

if the conscience to make such a sum of money, not only feel uncomfortable, and may miss more customers. Although this is not a deal, but I believe that the old man has been recognized, even if it will not bring any new customers, but it will not have a bad impact on the shop. Therefore, the integrity of business, is the basis of our business.

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