nspirational entrepreneurship pig where tens of thousands of leukemia patients


every time to see the Korean TV drama suffering from leukemia, the audience can not help tucao. But the reality is so cruel, the suffering from leukemia, "inspiring elder brother" in spite of venture debt, positive face life, touched the hearts of countless people.

6 29, leukemia Su Jie tells his sick entrepreneurial experience.

of his misfortune

of his strength

80 guy Su Jie in 3 years, suffered repeated blow: sudden leukemia; mother gave birth to save his brother, but not enough to help the success of umbilical cord blood; the transplant, the accidental death of his girlfriend and long-term help…… Fate seemed to be making fun of him, and he didn’t give up.

4 years ago, the disease did not treat himself as a patient

6 29, General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, Su Jie is doing discharge formalities. A few days ago he had just finished chemotherapy, hair fell out, his face is pale, but he did not regard themselves as the patient, but walked shuttle on each floor to pay, but also kept waving the mobile phone, looking for a computer to pass information to the customer, a "Riliwanji" like. Business is too busy to buy pigs to feed, and so on to go to the bank transfer". Su Jie said.

23 year old Su Jie is Jialing District of Nanchong City, Datong Town Bridge Village, parents are farmers. By the end of 2008, Su Jie was suddenly found suffering from acute leukemia, admitted to the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region Department of Hematology, began chemotherapy.

the operation was a success but his girlfriend in a car accident in

2010 in April, Sichuan Province, umbilical cord blood stem cell bank can find matching for Su Jie, umbilical cord blood, he successfully accepted the recommendation

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