Network will create the next billion market


from the U.S. prism incident, to the U.S. – China network security incidents, has produced a series of chain reactions in all aspects of china. Disable Windows8, IBM and CISCO in the limelight, overseas products to enter the market through security review to…… In addition to network security, national security incidents due to fear of violence caused attention. Safety first, the next billion market where?

1, the core hardware and software vendors

"any country, to strengthen information security and network security key department, ensure the independent controllable, are normal," said Lu Zhaoxia, senior vice president of Neusoft group. In China and the United States security incidents, Neusoft group and China software and other Chinese software companies are expanding sales revenue and market share.

the government and state-owned enterprises, are now actively seeking alternatives to various technical servers, switches, system integration, chip and database, to avoid dependence on IBM, CISCO, EMC, Oracle and other foreign manufacturers of technology. Although it is impossible to replace the use of domestic software and hardware within a day, which has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of weak domestic hardware, software vendors.

2, security equipment supplier

This kind of product is

security area, security related products control related, and all kinds of electronic control products. Such products are generally associated with the development of the Ministry of Public Security issued by the relevant confidentiality and other qualifications, the technical requirements are relatively high, the company is currently entering the field of less.

3, safety engineer

4, security service provider

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