What are the taboos of hotel management


for any one store management, there is a natural right to have the wrong. We need to follow the principles, naturally we need taboo taboo. In short, to successfully run a shop, some taboos still need to understand. So, what are the taboos of hotel management?

first, avoid management arbitrariness. Hotel management depends on the system, work procedures, hotel standards and requirements and responsibilities, tasks, goals, and so are the speech and deportment strictly in the system. "

two, avoid management decision-making blindness. The investigation and analysis before the decision is not enough, the information is not allowed or the manager is subjective, one-sided, lack of experience and quality is not in place, which is easy to make mistakes in decision-making.

three, avoid short-term management behavior. Hotel management pays attention to sustainability, all the work of the plan, program, objectives, decision-making must focus on the long-term interests of the hotel, the hotel to maintain the vitality and competitiveness of the market.

Four, avoid leapfrog management

. " level one is responsible, each person is only one boss, " leapfrog management will cause the loss of subordinates, management disorder.

five, avoid " nanny " management.


six, avoid management..

seven, management not to stick at trifles. The complex service function requires that the hotel management work should be done in detail.

eight, avoid improper competition. Hotel management should strictly implement national policies, industry regulations, comply with international practice and prevailing standards, both the industry can not afford to lift prices.

nine, avoid the single source. The composition of hotel passenger source is one of the main signs of the hotel’s popularity and the vitality of the market.

ten, avoid credulity. The hotel is a labor-intensive industry, complex jobs, staff intensive, more managers. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a good internal atmosphere. Set an example to all levels of management, for example, the unity of justice and subordinates.

eleven, " " and avoid; human desires. Human feelings and desires is taboo in hotel management, hotel sign strict management of all aspects of financial system in hotel operation, equality before the system, any person can not override system.

twelve, avoid lack of team spirit. Turisthotellet is a vibrant organism, young and full of youthful spirit staff for enterprise competition provides incomparable living space.


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