See how Wang Qi managed to open a cake shop


although many projects on the market now, but because of the fierce competition, it is not easy to do business. In this context, a cake shop is a shop project is good, but not every cake shop can be very profitable, more profitable, so in the course of a cake shop, we must constantly learning the patisserie way of making money, variety and taste improvement of cake. Also from the aspects of improving the service level of the cake shop, with some marketing methods at the appropriate time, in order to improve the full range of cake shop business downturn. Here we summed up some good cake shop to make money, there is always a suitable for you.

fresh food is the modern people’s favorite, has become a fashion trend of life. Sweet cake shop opened, the investment is not high, simple operation, covers an area of small, very suitable for small operators. As long as your cake and dessert taste fresh and unique, reasonable price, can get the trust of the public, it is easy to attract consumers at all levels.

on Wednesday, 3 p.m., Wang Qi and his staff cleaned and disinfected the cake cake from the manufacturer. Half an hour later, she would like to work together with the staff, the store will be produced by the master Cui cake into the car, pulled to a nearby market to do marketing. The car in addition to the kinds of cake, Wang Qi also told the staff will be part of the cake into the coffee and one by one the size of a sugar cube, toothpicks, so that people can taste the first taste. She remembers that in a magazine, it was a great way to sell, and the cost was low. Of course, along with the car has recently just printed leaflets.

Wang Qi’s "Qi Xiang cake shop" was opened just 2 months ago. In 2005 she through the investigation found that in the flower market in Beijing District of Chongwen street was built on a large number of high-grade residential areas, but the surrounding but not a cake shop, always want to start her heartbeat. In March 2005, she enrolled in a training class after baking, began her choice of shops in the area.

shop at towards

Qi fragrant cake shop in an east-west street, South Street is the most of the owners have been living in the area, the South Street is a row of shops deshang. This street is not busy, but the rent is high, less than 30 square meters of stores, monthly rent of more than 7000 yuan. In fact, on the other side of the street there are shops rental, more than and 40 square meters of monthly rent is $7000 store. Wang Qi has been selected in two stores for a long time.

but she soon discovered another street store while also facing a large area, but that is the opposite of the district is relatively old, and this district for the convenience of vehicle management, so the door will be divided into the entrance and exit of the shop Wang Qi fancy face is just export. In >

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