What kind of jewelry shop


some very cute, some very romantic, but also fashionable, different types, to bring consumers the feeling of different shops, target consumer groups will naturally not the same. So, if you want to give jewelry shop name, you need to figure out what types can be. So, what kind of jewelry shop named?

1) nifty creative name

The name

is especially suitable for the now popular Korean style jewelry shop. For example, Kawai film, mini ABC, The Smurfs, little Qiaoyatou, etc., from everyday language, popular cartoon playful combination of illusion.

2) romantic type name

The main consumer

shop is a female, romantic is characteristic of most girls, according to the psychological characteristics of the store can take a few names for girls, is the so-called match up. The name of the most popular in the vicinity of the school. Princess House

3 fashion type name


is the name of the mainstream fashion jewelry at present, usually using puns, highlight the "decoration" product highlights. For example, the new decoration sector, I decorated the girls, the first class decoration, decoration, etc..


4 name

) avant-garde personality type

This type of jewelry shop full of wild

and tension, the glow of the pressing out of the ordinary breath, reverie. For example, IU (love you) the decoration sector, the fans (YOU) (MISS)

in the end what kind of selection method named not only related to your store products series, but also need to position, and the shop is in short, to find a suitable shop named type, will really open a popular business jewelry store, it really can make jewelry store more wealth managers.

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