Handle customer vexatious smile


believes that business people should meet all kinds of customers, some customers make up the unreasonable owner who hated teeth itch. How to deal with these customers vexatious, each owner will naturally have their own methods. For small series, it is recommended that the owners may wish to smile.

near the end of the year, in a number of high-end wine, in order to facilitate the customer to open the bottle into the two wine bottle opener, a very simple, you can only hand twist. Another high-end, the bottle opener is fixed on the table, the middle position of a switch can adjust the height of the red wine bottle, a like pincers handle near the top side, middle screw, put the red wine in the middle position, press the pressure valve on the upper end, screw into the wooden plug the wine bottle, and then cover the pliers handle, need to shake, and then slowly lift up, so that you can pull out the cork wine.

this bottle opener, although the price is high, but the beautiful appearance, the material is very good, the packaging is also very beautiful, can be used as a gift for friends. In order to give customers a good recommendation, I told the salesman to seriously study the proper use of this bottle opener. Soon there is a customer to buy two bottles of high-end wine, I took the opportunity to recommend the high-end bottle opener, and the scene made the essence of operation, customers see the fun in my lobby, bought a set of.

a week later, I was busy finishing the goods, the customer is carrying the box opener to the store, snappily said to me: "this is what the bottle opener ah, half open, cork actually broken, but also so expensive? I don’t want to give me back, "

I did not speak, just listen to the customer about the operation of the process, that the customer’s operation is wrong. After the wine is fixed, under the pressure of the screw with a clamp handle shaking a few, let screw deep into the cork and then slowly lift up on it, but the customer is not fixed under pressure after it in a hurry up, screw only caught the cork upper part, the lower half part is tightly sealed in the wine bottle, so there will be a pull off phenomenon. I live to the customer again demonstrated the bottle opener is very good, and no customer said disconnect phenomenon.

but customers still want me to give him he’s really not letting this go, no refund, I know the customer is deliberately vexatious. If the product quality problems, or when they come back, I will not hesitate to return to customers, but the bottle opener is very good, but manipulation is not correct, and customers are using a week, it is very difficult to change. So I changed my attitude,

yes, this bottle opener design really a problem ah, if the pressure screw end, or a little longer is good, the design is so complicated, I also learned a good long time to learn ".


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