Ningbo culture again heating


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Ningbo, it is understood that it is the largest business in modern China, in the process of China’s industrial and commercial development has a very important role in promoting. Obviously, the cultural origin of the Ningbo entrepreneurs. Over the past few years, Ningbo entrepreneurial enthusiasm is still unabated, so that the economic performance is no longer a minority.

in "double" boom, the local government has given high attention and support to the "Chinese dream" business competition. The launching ceremony, deputy director of the Ningbo high tech Zone, Zhou Jianwei said: "the Ningbo national high tech Zone (new material science and technology city) of Ningbo city as the pioneering innovation and entrepreneurship, Zhejiang province science and technology innovation as the main platform, construction and training has been committed to innovation and Entrepreneurship Education platform," the actual needs of Chinese dream "entrepreneurship competition not only with high-tech zones to vigorously develop the service industry, innovation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, will also play an important role in promoting the business incubator of high-tech zones to specialization, marketization and industrialization play."

to start the ceremony, three entrepreneurs also shows Ningbo people born with vision and business acumen. Bar social entertainment platform "Hi", social sports information platform "Kai Ning Sports", "science and technology innovation project of Environmental Protection wings so that the presence of entrepreneurs and investors themselves. Positive entropy Angel Bay founder Zhao Zhijiang of "Chinese dream" entrepreneurship competition Ningbo division entrepreneurs looking forward to: "positive entropy will be highly combined with" Chinese dream "contest theme, providing a intellectual investment and three aspects of support for entrepreneurs. Prepare 5 million yuan investment led positive entropy funds for outstanding entrepreneurial projects to help Ningbo division."

"Chinese dream" entrepreneurship contest organizing committee official said, Ningbo businessmen have always advocated common prosperity together, helping each other, so before the formation of the "Ningbo Gang" culture. The "Chinese dream" is the spirit of entrepreneurship competition together various resources, aims to help entrepreneurs succeed, want to see the "Ningbo venture group" in the contest platform style show.

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