Watch ten brand list


speaking of watches, many people may think Rolex is, indeed, the brand can be said to be a representative of the watch market. However, this market can not only the brand, below, let Xiaobian to introduce watches ten brands list, so that we have more understanding of the watch market.

watches ten brands list NO.1, Rolex


in China visibility is not a lot of other brands can be compared, whether because of Hongkong film rendering, or influence, a variety of topics about Rolex, people tend to speak a few words, whether it is love or not love. Which does not love people the main view is a conservative style not fashion, soil pride too strong and so on. People love the main value is its advantage is durable, and relatively value, and even watch masters blessings, such as master said similar if only a piece of table, it must be the words of Rolex.


series 116233 disc log Champagne Diamond Watch, automatic mechanical movement, a date function, stainless steel and 18K yellow gold, champagne dial, scale diamond, waterproof 100m, nd 36mm.

watches ten brands list NO.2, Patek Philippe

Take the lead in big brother

today altar table, a contemporary table called "king of many luxury boutique in the market of the two auction prices are often topped, called Chizha watch auction market. At the same time the production of its limited edition, nor is it possible to buy a lot of people, many of which are booked in advance of the brand VVIP.

if there is a piece of Patek Philippe words, access to a variety of tall, high force grid occasions can basically live hold. This is mainly due to the Patek Philippe brand positioning on the inheritance of the theme, so whether it is propaganda content, or product design, around the theme of inheritance for Patek Philippe’s popular image.

Patek Philippe

5146 series 5146R rose gold watch, automatic mechanical movement, with date, week display, calendar display, phase, power reserve display function, through the back table, 39 mm in diameter, 30 meters waterproof.

watches ten brands list NO.3, OMEGA


is to enter the market earlier Chinese brand, but also very early into the China society circles, especially in the period of the Republic of China many people are wearing OMEGA military. In addition, with the continued sponsorship of the Olympic Games, OMEGA and other Chinese people are more concerned about the large-scale events, OMEGA’s popularity in China has been high. Although the professional point of view, the overall performance of the OMEGA watch is not as good as

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