f you want to open a clothing store you have to know what to do


clothing to join, has been a very hot item selection. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very potential to join the brand choice. So, want to open a clothing store, we must understand what content?

survey 1, boutique clothing to join the brand’s product style is suitable for the local market, clothing to join other local apparel products such as the competitive situation?

survey 2, the integrity of the product, the continuity of what you can look at the previous years and the sales of the product after the quarter

survey 3, the price of the product in the area of your choice of competitive advantage?

survey 4, boutique clothing brands to join the product quality and price gap big


survey 5, brand product market positioning clear


survey 6, choose a number of different styles of boutique clothing to join the Brand Company to do a good job to choose a good quality clothing to join the brand, clothing is also very important to join the site. The location of the women’s store is very important, almost can determine the survival of the store.

pay attention to the choice of business in general, the scope of the sale of clothing stores usually have a certain geographical boundaries, which is relatively stable shopping district. Choosing the business district is the basis of the reasonable location of the new store, which not only helps to formulate business strategy, but also helps to develop the market development strategy.

determine the crowds and flow can take time, calculate the morning afternoon and evening periods in the local target area of interest to the crowds, the number of statistics into the nearby shops, which look after the clothing, office workers, students, housewives and the proportion of at least a weekend and the Ping said second, in order to know the distribution of the crowd really.

has the characteristics of the brand to join the project choice, is a very powerful choice. If you join the clothing market is also very interested, then hurry to leave the message bar!

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