Display goods to make the store to win more profits


Chen Liezhen will

goods to the shop management have a lot of influence? I am afraid that any shop is thinking about the problem. As the saying goes, "no smoke, no shop."". As a cigarette retailer, I feel deeply the importance of cigarette sales to the whole store in my own business experience. The cigarette placement is an important part of cigarette sales.


store is located in the Zhangpu County downtown station Du Xun zhen. There are more tourists, brought unlimited business opportunities, of course, also attracted numerous shops. Although the store is not large, the competition is fierce.

2000, I opened the store, mainly engaged in all kinds of tea, of course, also run the cigarette. The main customers are passengers and access to restaurants, cafes and other entertainment venues around the guests. This year, the store’s business was fairly good, but there is a problem has plagued me that cigarette sales is not ideal, a month is 4000 yuan turnover, and high-grade cigarette sales situation is bad, than the other around the store. Why is this so? I never found a reason.

once I read in a book about the story of Pepsi and Coca-Cola in the terminal. Looking back, is not to attract the attention of consumers and sellers? So, I put the cigarette counter thoroughly sorted out, put the high-grade smoke on the eye-catching position, and as much as possible package display.

at the same time, I gradually began to pay attention to the whole shop clean, regular cleaning, put the goods in order. 08 years on the eve of the Spring Festival, I put my own store repaired, the cigarette counter and lengthened, made great efforts in the color of the counter, changed to light green; because here out of the vehicle and more dust in the air is also more and more, I have installed automatic glass door, keep clean the whole shop, give a person a kind of elegant feeling.

let me happy is that the business is now better, and now a month’s sales are generally more than 8000 yuan. When the Chinese New Year holiday, China, Yellow Crane Tower, Yuxi, Golden and other high-end sales of cigarettes increased significantly. By the end of 07, tobacco companies also awarded me a best image of the store’s medal, I am more confident. It seems that the business should pay attention to a little skill, terminal display is also a cigarette sales live advertising!

now many shopkeepers although the store series is rich, and the product quality can be guaranteed, but the goods is messy place, give customers first, causing very bad visual senses, this shop is also how to attract more consumers? So, if you want to make a shop business is hot, you need to do a good job related merchandise display.

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