Do their own food and beverage brands need to do so


catering market can be said that the project does not think their own food and beverage brands catering to the top, but the road to success is not so easy, want to put the catering brand bigger and stronger but also need to adhere to the road of sustainable development, and to the restaurant operator in the following five aspects:

one is to make use of capital market resources bigger and stronger.

catering enterprises bigger and stronger implementation of sustainable development requires a strong capital strength, since the development of private economy, the development of many enterprises obtain funds on profits accumulated shares or friends, therefore the development speed of limited funds. Yangzhou catering enterprises can be taken with the listed company or other capital strength of joint ventures, or by the accumulation of assets to solve development funds to the bank mortgage, consciously from the simple individual, family capital to the development of social capital utilization stage, the domestic well-known catering industry group’s capital expansion cannot do without the capital market.

two is the use of information technology resources to implement three-dimensional marketing.

Planning and implementation of

brand marketing, is an important measure for catering enterprises bigger and stronger implementation of sustainable development, its purpose is to enhance the enterprises in the target customer base of visibility, credibility and convenience of ordering degree; at the same time so that the enterprise can keep abreast of changes in the needs of target customers, timely innovative products and services, to adapt to the the new food needs. The use of information technology resources to implement three-dimensional marketing, is an important means of marketing in the future catering enterprises, but also low-cost, efficient marketing tools.

three is the need to build multiple brand segments.

with the development of urban economy and culture, consumer demand for food and beverage industry is becoming more and more diverse, different groups of people, different consumer purposes will choose different food brands to consumption. Market segmentation mainly rely on different food and beverage brands to guide, in developed countries, different food and beverage consumption patterns, different consumption levels, different ethnic and regional flavor, have different brands. Consumers are reluctant to patronize unknown brands because they do not trust. Concerned about the corporate brand is the investor, the restaurant brand is the basis for consumers to choose a restaurant.

four is the implementation of centralized procurement process to reduce labor costs.

in order to unify the quality standards, reduce procurement costs and reduce labor costs, Yangzhou catering enterprises should attach great importance to the establishment of centralized procurement and central kitchen institutions. At present, there are many problems in the centralized procurement and processing: the first is the choice of quality supply base problem of interference caused by the too big; second is the lack of food raw materials purchase inspection records of strict quality and safety; third is the procurement process to >

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