How to invest 100 thousand yuan to start a successful business


many people want to work, but worry about the risk of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship should have in fact as long as some correct ideas, whether large investment projects can business with a small capital or a career. Myth of wealth creation!


Master 3 operating methods, 100 thousand yuan will be able to venture


method one: professional skills over equipment.


10 million entrepreneurship may not spend a lot of money to buy equipment, so the entrepreneur must use their professional skills to win. For example, SOHO investment may be only 100 thousand yuan, the first purchase of computer equipment, printers, fax machines and other simple equipment can set up a studio, but the SOHO group must have professional technology, such as web site construction, animation design, foreign language translation, art editor, text and so on, only superb professional ability to let customers satisfaction, career long.


method two: capital scheduling should be appropriate.


only 100 thousand yuan venture entrepreneurs in the allocation of funds is a great knowledge. If there is only 100 thousand yuan, then spend $60 thousand to $70 thousand in the purchase of equipment and raw materials, it is best to keep the amount of $30 thousand to $20 thousand. Also need to be reminded that there are risks in business, entrepreneurs will invest in all if you throw the helve after the hatchet career, once the enterprise faced with setbacks, the entrepreneurial life will be worse.


many of the funds will be entrepreneurs want to borrow money from the bank, the amount of loans to entrepreneurs is not too high, so as not to cause great pressure on entrepreneurship. Owned gold and gold lending should not exceed the proportion of 1:1, that entrepreneurs own store 100 thousand yuan, with a maximum of not more than 100 thousand yuan of bank loans, so that entrepreneurs can have more money to use, debt pressure is not so big.


method three: use less expensive marketing techniques.


10 million entrepreneurs are unlikely to spend money on advertising, publicity, if it is in the newspaper ads for entrepreneurs is a heavy burden. So only 100 thousand yuan to start a business, you can take advantage of some of the little marketing skills, do not spend money or spend less money to promote. Two

10 million investment is a small investment venture, which will be limited due to low capital investment and consequent. 100 thousand yuan can start a business, as long as the master of the appropriate management methods, big business can also start from childhood.

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