Jingdong announced the results of arrangements for merchants to brush the results of the dismissal o


sina science and technology news April 3rd news, recently there are users to report Jingdong employees arrange merchant brush, increase sales of Jingdong mall. The internal verification results of Jingdong announced this afternoon, the staff involved with the business of business communication system has serious breach of the company, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant responsible person immediately dismissed, due to the presence of staff management responsibilities by internal punishment.

April 1st, the site has exposed a group of Jingdong official brush screenshot. Broke the news, said the internal staff of the Jingdong had asked to join the business with the brush, in order to make up for the loss of businesses, Jingdong is to provide resource bit compensation. According to the information provided by the Jingdong, and a Jingdong staff chat merchant Hangzhou Le Buying limited company. (the legal representative for Lei Yanqun).

in addition, Jingdong also said it would implement a more stringent internal management policy, the quality of goods to control, business management and constantly improve.

it is understood that the Jingdong of the seller through improper means to improve the Jingdong open platform sales of goods or improve the shop score penalty is deducted 25 points each, false trading through improper means to improve product sales or improve store ratings, the Jingdong open platform has the right to delete the goods or delete the relevant stores score. (Tong Gao)

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