Digital wallet advocates a new way to pay


With the rapid development of e-commerce and mobile commerce,

has changed the way of communication between consumers and businesses. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center statistics, in 2010 the overall size of the China Mobile payment market reached 20 billion 250 million yuan. By 2013, China’s market size will be more than 150 billion yuan. The next few years, China Mobile’s annual growth rate will exceed 40%. In order to adapt to the development of the digital network era, in July 22nd, Visa announced the introduction of a new generation of payment solutions cross channel digital wallet business and services. To this end, the reporter interviewed Li Juan, director of Visa China business innovation, she showed people in the payment network, Visa’s new generation of electronic payment vision.

reporter: today, credit cards and other traditional payment methods can not meet the demand, do you think the payment and payment methods have changed? Visa launched the "digital wallet," which is a new means of payment, what is the original design concept of


Li Juan: Visa was founded more than 50 years, has been in the product and system innovation continue to invest, committed to working with financial institutions, consumers and businesses to bring a better way to pay. 30 years ago, Visa will introduce the magnetic stripe technology field of payment, and to establish a reliable and secure electronic payment environment, extensible and open in the world. More than a decade ago, Visa and chip technology, non-contact technology into the electronic payment industry, in order to create a more secure consumer payment environment in the physical retail environment. Today, the magnetic stripe bank cards have been considered to provide consumers with the convenience of payment based on behoove, people in any one can accept Visa card terminal worldwide, enjoy a safe and convenient shopping experience.

in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce and mobile commerce, has driven the evolution and change of electronic payment. First, consumers need a more convenient and secure way to pay. Secondly, businesses need a financial institution or third party payment service providers to provide a more professional, and can support a variety of payment instruments, which can effectively control the risk of fraud, to ensure data security, and can guarantee the consumer transaction success rate, so that it can more effectively in the development of its core business the change of the payment link without worry.

in May this year, Visa announced the launch in the United States to pay for a new generation of innovative electronic business electronic payment platform, in addition to the development of advantage to continue to keep the company in the field of traditional payment (which is based on the electronic payment POS environment), will also vigorously develop the use of Visa in electronic commerce, mobile commerce and social network business is booming the environment is simple, reliable and secure payment card provided by the transaction processing solutions. Visa hope that through continuous innovation, continue to play the advantages of its brand, products and networks, to further accelerate the pace of global electronic payment in the development of the digital network world.


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