Why visitors do not register three reasons


want to allow the user to guide the site (registered users) conversion rate increased

?There are three basic reasons why

can’t turn visitors into registered users:

1, the user does not know to give you their personal information, for what benefits

2, information is challenged to fill too little, too much or incorrect information

3, you have not yet established trust, let people know what you expect to do business and what effect

it is clear that each factor is related to one another, from one to another. There may be many other factors, but for now, these relatively large enough to allow you to begin to understand the fault of their own websites, determined to start the optimization of the action.

remember, more registration may not be what you need. You may need to have the quality of registration, and the planned site should help visitors to their certification.

the number of companies we work with, the number of registrations is reduced, but the sales increase, which optimizes the time and turnover ratio of the sales team.

exchange value: my reputation serves you

a lot of websites that offer free white paper, cases, or other resources in exchange for visitors’ information are not doing very well on their downloads. Download content contains valuable information, to look at the downloaded data.

don’t think these downloads are free. The information you want with your visitors is very valuable to you, to the visitors, and their contact information. So you want to download more commercial. Show visitors what they download from heavy or what value. So when they fill out the registration form, they feel they are in a good exchange.

contains a brief introduction to the file

let them know what to learn from downloading

let them know how they can use the information

lists all the useful information in the download

let visitors know what their information will be dealt with, make phone calls (for more information about this)

If you provide a

trial software or presentation software, to tell them clearly: it is not a full-featured time limits trial version? The demo version time will happen? Provide support during the probation period (up it is a wonderful way to win customers). System requirements for listing software before user registration.

tracking email address those fake, whether it is useless email address or Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail mailbox, if there are a lot of from [email protected] or [email protected], that your visitors do not feel you provide valuable data, not worth the exchange.

note that sometimes these practices can result in a decrease in registration, but also

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