Liu Qiangdong Jingdong self logistics to reduce inventory turnover to 32 days


tiger sniffing note: the original Liu Qiangdong talk about Logistics Core Design: reduce the number of goods handling, from sina technology.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong last night (July 25th) speech at CEIBS, in his speech, he talked about the importance of the team, how to spend money to do the logistics, logistics design principle and guide the consumer retail industry theory of sugarcane.

Liu Qiangdong said that from the end of 2007 to get the first Jingdong financing began to determine the self logistics, after the market there are a variety of questions, it is said that the core competitiveness, it was said to be stupid decision. When the loss of up to about one billion yuan a year, some people asked Liu Qiangdong if he is afraid, he will think about if the enterprise failed to do.

but Liu Qiangdong believes that Jingdong over the past decade has not been changed by the outside world, as long as the things to do is worth, profitability is not a problem.

"I do not believe that in this world there is a business model, and create a lot of value for your partner, create a lot of value to your users, you fail, fail, if it is, it must be our implementation of a problem, or our management team is not a problem, business model is a problem." Liu Qiangdong said.

After the fire

millet everyone loves to do with the Internet thinking of Liu Qiangdong in the Jingdong internal early meeting stressed never called the Internet thinking, because it will be possessed by the devil. Because the traditional mobile phone sales through the channel, because the brand does not directly contact the user, and the use of layers of wholesale way. He believes that the success of millet core, or to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, reduce costs.

the following is Liu Qiangdong speech excerpt:

self built Logistics: not only for the user experience, but also for cost control

here I explain why the Jingdong logistics company, some people say that the logistics is very simple, to ensure that the user experience, I can tell you a few numbers, we in 2014 a quarter of the 70% self orders are on the day or second days of service consumers, we in the first half of this year three to six line city speed, we want more the orders were within 24 hours to the consumer credit card, door-to-door, cash on delivery, return to take home can come back, to give you the money.

but if it is only for the user experience, can not do, how to do? The 700 National City, each city of Dou Jian a huge warehouse, how many can be prepared by delivery, all with SF, SF is very expensive, consumers at any time orders are all available, plus SF so fast delivery speed, user experience is not good? May be even better than today’s Jingdong, but can be successful? Obviously, can not be successful, because your cost is not propped up, your cost is out of control, your efficiency does not work, because no more goods, more cash flow to prepare a large number of goods.

has a basic concept that half of us don’t understand, that is

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