Biography Taobao and then kill trick ultra low commodity emergency right down


news August 16th, sellers to billion state power network exclusive broke the news that, after participating in the 800 fold over other low-priced goods promotion platform by Taobao comprehensive right down, and was judged as "false trading, sales hype". In this regard, Taobao official denied.


is a category of cosmetic businesses that Taobao has received notification, to identify their products to improve credit and sales through improper means, impairing the interests of buyers shopping, so the goods do drop right processing, and output or stop false trading, 30 days before resuming.

subsequently, the news in micro-blog, WeChat and other large areas of social media communication, and sellers involved in the response.

During the period of

, the third party marketing company said, Taobao in August 15th to zero order shop where a large number of transactions in August 19th 24 of the whole category of short range scans, some participated in the third party sales platform "order", will be directly in accordance with the number of sales of fine speculation. At the same time, Taobao will also delete members of the shop generated false credit score, credit score, and all the goods in the store shelves.

According to

billion state power network to understand, so-called "right down", Taobao for the illegal operation of the product or in the shop to do the second only to search the shielding treatment. For example, a single commodity search right down, is to adjust the results of the goods in the search results in the order of the whole store merchandise search right down, refers to the adjustment of all the goods in the store members in the search results of the sort.

according to relevant sources, Taobao’s large area right down, mainly re positioning, the mentioned modified search and show the weight of the sales volume at the same time, but also low-cost computing nodes from sales transactions take payment "to" implement trading success ".

previously, Taobao had announced on VIP, Amoy goods, cattle group purchase nine pieces of mail discounts U station, Juhuasuan, special offer every day within the platform, and the group 800, 800 fold, pocket shopping and other low-cost external drainage sites, make the seller sales are not included in the Taobao search deal. This initiative on a large number of third party cheap shopping platform impact, at the same time, due to sales are not included in the search, the seller is also affected by varying degrees of ranking.

obviously, if the seller reflects the right to drop the matter is true, then the majority of sellers are more unprepared.

, according to informed sources, by the "right down storm" impact is not limited to Taobao outside the station third cheap shopping guide platform, including on the train, post trial sellers were also affected.

that is to say, Taobao is not the right to aim at the third party platform, but in the short term sales anomalies, skyrocketing commodity and sellers." These people admitted that the "broad brush" approach as the dirty water splashed out together with the child, causing more injury.

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