Alexa empty Chinese website traffic statistics provoke controversy

sevjeoym reported in February 3rd the beginning of the end of the turn, when the whole country is concentrating on a few hundred years in the southern province of the snow, when China of the Internet industry, the number of Internet users are catching up with the United States and joy, thousands of domestic websites, also suffered an avalanche hit — the United States to provide a world website traffic ranking service website Alexa (, once again take the data cleared and adjustment algorithm by means of flow data to slash Chinese website, the website of the Chinese global ranking plummeted, in the industry a great xuan. This is since 2005, Alexa data on China’s Web site to adjust the magnitude and scope of the largest once. Its impact, not only covers a large number of personal websites, small and medium sites and well-known industry sites, and even spread to Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Alibaba and other large sites.

Although the

industry have pointed out a person with breadth of vision Alexa ranking is not credible, but because the third party data service objective of long-term absence, have been formed in Alexa ranked as the unspoken rule, gray industrial chain driven industry and therefore, each time for Alexa Chinese website according to the number of adjustment, will cause oscillations or big or small the slobber war between peers, vicious competition of similar sites low level repetitive, trust crisis between upstream and downstream industry chain, China Internet industry overall image in the world market. But there is no conclusive reason, data cleaning indiscriminately, but also makes the correct business philosophy, the healthy development of domestic websites in the goodwill and interests harm.

Alexa rankings, like cancer cells, is devouring resources and vitality of China’s Internet industry, the Chinese Internet industry against the health factor.

Alexa, where the Holy

Alexa was founded in 1996, was a classified navigation website. In 1997, Alexa released a software Alexa Toolbar, which is used to monitor the behavior of Internet users, for users to download and install the browser installed in the local. This software, the integration of some of the tools used by the user when the Internet, such as search engines, target sites, such as quick links to help users improve application efficiency. Through this software, Alexa for each installation of the software users to conduct real-time monitoring of Internet behavior. When a user visits a page, it will send a string of code to the Alexa server, which contains information about the location of the user on the Internet, the Internet time, access to the content page, etc.. On the server side, according to the site to access the data to be classified, so as to calculate the number of users of each site Views (Users Reach) and the number of pages (Page), and based on the data of the global website ranking. The user can easily log on to the website Alexa Toolbar, query ranking, to the users of the site included Alexa link number accounted for a total installed AlexaToobar software users the proportion and average page visit.

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