Baidu World Conference released of Peru minutes to help you fix idle away in seeking pleasure



Tencent technology news (Le Tian) September 8th news, Baidu chairman and CEO announced today in the latest version of the phone Baidu 6.8 version of the launch of a new robot assistant – (English Name: duer).

Robin Li said, "the cornerstone of the three" super secret of tempered Secretary — connecting the 3600 line service access, the whole network data mining support services, intelligent interactive services to meet the complete index.

first, the 3600 lines of access, improve the ecological structure, is a prerequisite for the degree of secret. Over the past year, Baidu has been through self, cooperation, open access to food, travel, movies, education, health care and other services in a wide range of three ways, covering all aspects of eating, living, traveling, playing.

secondly, for each access services, Baidu background through the entire network of data mining and machine learning in the way, for the service to be labeled, the establishment of index dimensions, user-friendly query needs personalized. To the restaurant as an example, the geographical position is a label, dishes category is a label, but can bring pets, there is no star visited the restaurant rooms have a TV and so on can become a new dimension and label index.

Baidu, said the company’s artificial intelligence, multi-mode interaction, Natural Language Processing and other technology allows the degree of secret to a more natural interaction, more intelligent understanding of user needs. Access to a wide range of services, together with the service index, intelligent services to meet, the three together into a degree of secret.

Robin Li revealed that the current version of the see, the degree of mystery is embedded in the phone Baidu APP, Baidu maps, Baidu Nuomi and other Baidu APP services will also be combined with the depth of degree secret. In the future, Baidu will be on behalf of the degree of integrity of the service capacity is fully open, other non Baidu partners can also be in their services and applications, the secret to help them better service users.

currently has to provide secretarial services of Peru in restaurants, movies, pet three scenes, will soon be extended to Manicure, on behalf of the drive, education, medical, financial and other industries.

, according to Baidu, said the degree does not rule out the possibility of the development of a separate App, and even the degree of manufacturing secret robot, in the form of physical robots to provide services.

intelligent robot assistant of Peru after the debut, Wang Jin senior vice president of Baidu released the Baidu open platform "big data +" open Baidu core big data capabilities, providing large data solutions for traditional industry. Li Dongmin, senior director of Baidu mobile services group division, Baidu map division general manager announced the service provider access to Baidu’s unified entrance – "even" platform.

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