Adsense earthquake report alliance initiative


just online, the earthquake still suffering from the shock after nearly twenty-four hour, network, once again face the screen still feel difficult to calm the heart. The whole world is still under the influence of aftershocks, the rescue work is being carried out in the disaster area, the ear is all the police car and rescue the sound of the car. As a body in the disaster area of the webmaster, deep feeling, human nature in front of the fragile, also feel the disaster without lover!

as a host in the face of disaster, we are more social responsibility, pay attention to the disaster, concerned about the disaster area, do their best to support the disaster in front of a friend!

Internet media to deal with emergencies more effective, China’s Internet webmaster action. At the same time, the media usually love some "sensational" news, such as celebrity attention more in the disaster, while ignoring the impact by most people in the disaster, love big events and ignore the moving some small details. The webmaster website, especially the community and social networking sites to live closer to users and user groups are distributed all over the country, users of dispersion and participation in decisions that they can provide accurate information in the event of a disaster. In the age of the Internet, the ordinary people play an important role in the whole society’s response to the disaster. The webmaster website, especially as part of a community, social network, social media users launch, collect more information related to the disaster, to conduct a comprehensive report on the disaster plain, rational analysis and communication, the disaster information communication plays a very important role, a good social effect on keep the disaster caused by the disorder of play.

in the face of disaster, calling for owners of the social responsibility, to exaggerate the crash reports, refuses to create chaos! The webmaster friends through their own site reproduced some earthquake related knowledge, some words of encouragement to the people in the disaster area, even in the case of financial ability to go through a reliable way for the loss of the people in the disaster areas paragraph.

is now the initiative of all the Chinese Internet webmaster together, the establishment of the earthquake disaster reporting alliance, the earthquake disaster in detail, the earthquake disaster guide. Welcome to join the webmaster earthquake coverage alliance! Hope all concerned and caring owners keep abreast of support. Friends in the disaster area, all the Chinese Internet webmaster are concerned about you!


webmaster alliance to join the earthquake reports only need people to pay attention to the disaster, the disaster report, without any conditions, only need to specify "webmaster union earthquake reports on its website: love China, by action! Concerned about the disaster, to support the disaster areas, the national general mobilization"


for the stability of society, disaster rescue and reconstruction. Charity and webmaster website operation does not conflict, we act up, give their love!

Red Cross Society of China disaster relief account and hotline is:

account unit: >

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