Some yellow diamond QQ spatial attention in marketing


Tencent has become a dominant social China element, no matter what the social software development, also arrive but the power of Tencent qq. Previously, the official Tencent has published a data, while the number of online QQ exceeded 200 million. Thus, for those who do QQ marketing friends, this big data is sufficient to prove the popularity of Tencent is very strong. However, through the observation of three soil found in recent days, want to do QQ space marketing Tencent, "Canary" business is not the non open. Because a simple yellow open, enough to take your QQ into a self media platform, product marketing platform, the high popularity of the Internet platform.

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Liu Santu to talk about open yellow diamond, which points to your QQ marketing.

, a Tencent to the official payment platform, buy the diamond business, now has two Tencent yellow diamond, a yellow diamond is noble, is a common yellow diamond, you can buy according to the month, can also purchase year. Yellow diamond business opening address: Figure (1)


picture display (1)


two, open yellow diamond, you need to personally handle the relevant local settings for your own marketing advertisement or product introduction, profile, maximize your product information or exposure to their QQ friends to see. The following presentations are based on the QQ space of the three teachers as a demonstration of

1, set up the PC side of the opening animation, animation content is best to catch the eyes of the owners or their psychological positioning. Often a lot of friends will not be too concerned about the details, a good opening animation, at least to allow others to your impression of space increased by 30%. Three teacher soil opening animation as shown below (2), the animation of the phrase "only child right, adults only interests", can let you enter the space friends feel that you are a person simply, directly, to narrow the distance between the moment. Unfortunately, this opening animation, we can not customize, only in the mall to choose to dress up.

picture display (2)

2, on the PC side of the space above the mall and then choose to dress up, you will see the following (3), we choose the custom plate, some plate for yellow diamond users, so we can take advantage of the right to choose a suitable for your plate. Three teacher QQ space "of the plate plate is a social element, because this section can be two-dimensional code and display pictures on their homepages collage, as long as you can see in your room first, absolutely is a good" billboard". Show three soil QQ space home page, as shown in figure (4):

picture display (3)

picture display (4)

3, in the QQ look at the upper right corner of the space PC has a set button, we put the mouse

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