The scheme that the lover wrote was called a joke


read an article today, is an e-commerce network planning staff planning for the company to promote the third quarter program. After reading this article, the first impression is: how can this person do planning. You don’t get me wrong, I do not despise the meaning, do not know who will see my post on the stone will not. But here, just to share with you to do a site planning need to pay attention to the place.

planning to do the most basic point is the analysis, all planning must be carried out with the analysis of cases and data. This is a case of convincing reliance. But for a look whether the effectiveness of future planning. No analysis, all of the consciousness as a reason, not only is not conducive to the implementation, but not conducive to the adjustment of the strategy. Often the operation of the network is a team operation, without analysis, the team will also reduce your sense of trust. By this point, you have done wrong.

analysis based on the data to make a series of programs to write this program and convey it is not an easy task. The most difficult thing for me to do is to communicate with the employees of the company. Standing on the point of view, different views, the ability of the organization and the problem of high and low (an organization can never put an end to the opposition, some people praise the achievements of opposition. It’s hard for you to understand what you want to do. If you want to convey your thoughts, you need to put the details in the simplest language. Treat each other as a fool. There are many ways to promote the network. But no one will write the details, not only because of environmental problems, not just because of security reasons, sometimes because many people regard planning as a too simple, just on the Internet suddenly worry about, as I mentioned above the case, the author also named the title: great sacrifice. The promotion plan, the company’s dedication out. Big brother, you’re a little narcissistic. The concept of success in the team now has lost its value. You have to make it work. Let everyone know. Like online materials, is always the concept of teaching materials. You can’t learn anything.

must finally have a target forecast. Wrote the program, no goals, how to perform. How to calculate manpower and resources. Internet companies are most difficult to see the amount of the word. But the biggest problem lies in a "quantity" word. Often a lot of company employees, looks very busy, post, edit, update, reply, optimization, promotion, advertising, customer service, but also as if they didn’t do the same, no traffic, no sales, no effect, no one cares. What is the reason: everyone is in the dark. There are many things to do, but no sense of direction. Even a lot of things are lazy to overcome responsibility. Anyway, there is no requirement, do a little bit. If a program is lack of execution, it is also a failure of planning.

seems to be very impetuous Internet users, a few days ago to an interview with SEO, he said he could optimize the MP3 to Baidu’s home page. What is the concept of this kind of people still need to work it? Just a few words to optimize the number of people who can do SEO?

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